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PRESS RELEASE VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma continues its response to COVID-19


Hello! Late Tuesday evening we established a protocol to help us meet our food assistance needs while also adhering to safe social distancing. We are now in need of volunteers to help us pack emergency food boxes as we prepare our response to the COVID-19 outbreak. We have opened several small shifts of nine volunteers to the public. Below is the latest update from our response page regarding the new volunteer shifts.

With school closures and employment disruptions in Oklahoma, there is an increased need for food assistance. In order to meet that growing need, the Regional Food Bank staff has created a volunteer model that follows social distancing guidelines to the safest extent possible. Shifts will have staggered start times and each volunteer group will include no more than 10 individuals. These emergency response volunteer shifts will begin on Thursday, March 19 at both the Volunteer Center and at the Moore Food & Resource Center. Weekend shifts are also available.

Volunteers must not have a chronic illness such as diabetes, lung disease or heart disease and cannot be older than 59 years of age. Also, volunteers should not have any possible COVID-19 symptoms including a fever, cough or shortness of breath.

Additional safety precautions will occur prior, during and after each shift.

Please visit to register for the emergency response volunteer shifts.

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