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‘Pride’ and joy



The Oklahoma Children’s Theatre and Oklahoma City University’s School of
Theatre have teamed up to bring the beloved Jane Austen novel “Pride
and Prejudice” to the stage.

The OCT has performed plays based on literary works before, like Mary Shelley’s “Frankestein,” but this will be its first time performing an Austen adaptation.

OCU students and actors from within the community began work in early December. Students Audrey Wagner and Kody Walker take the lead roles as Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. 

“Bringing a novel to the stage is very difficult,” said “Pride” director Lance Marsh. “I’m very impressed with the level of authenticity the student actors have been able to bring to the production. They put a lot of research into it.”

An intricate moving set has been constructed by student designers to transform the stage to early 19th Century Europe.

“The set is really like a big machine and the students have learned to maneuver it. It’s quite extraordinary,” said Marsh.

make the production as period-authentic as possible, the Ladies at Play
will perform English country and contra dance music throughout.

production has really found the lightness in the comedy,” said Marsh.
“It’s going to make you think a little bit and smile in ways you might
not expect.”

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