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Print artist goes 'Metaphorical' at Los Milagros



Los Milagros Print Studio and Gallery, 2433 N.W. 16th in the Paseo district, will host an exhibit opening Friday for artist Stacey D. Miller's "Metaphorical Illusions."

Showing in the gallery through March 13, the exhibit is a vibrant series of monotype prints focused on figures and body language Miller has been studying for the last five months.

Miller, who works in an array of media, focuses on the printmaking processes, said she is looking forward to showcasing her artistic talents and imagery from "Metaphorical Illusions" to the public.

"I address social-anthropological judgments that we make regarding our initial response to individual persons and the often ill verity of these judgments," Miller said, in a press release. "All of the works in this series are monotype with mixed media. Each monotype started with a single drop, of the figure formed in highlights and shadows, after which I built around it to finish the composition."

An artist reception will be held from 6-8 p.m., featuring live acoustic guitar, hors d'oeuvres and a wine bar provided by Oklahoma's own Greenfield Vineyards. For more information, call 528-4404.

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