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Prison Break: The Final Break




Let's hope "Prison Break: The Final Break" stays true to its title, because really, how many institutions of incarceration can Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) break into/out of?

With "Prison Break" having recently ended its four-year run, "The Final Break" is two new episodes that fit together to comprise one movie. In a way, it's just a gender-flipped version of the show's core concept, except here, the springing takes place within 90 minutes, rather than an entire season.

This time, it's Sara Tancredi's turn. The former prison doctor (Sarah Wayne Callies) has no sooner wed Michael on the beach when cops turn up to ruin the post-nuptial celebration to arrest her for murdering Michael's mom. Seeing as how the murder  was in self-defense and that Sara is pregnant, Michael vows to bust her out.

Meanwhile, behind bars, Sara is marked for death. We meet a host of scary female inmates, including a standout turn by Lori Petty as the spookily named Daddy. Outside, the regular "Prison Break" players "? including the great William Fichtner as Agent Mahone and the greater Robert Knepper as T-Bag "? aid Scofield in his master plan.

To fully enjoy "The Final Break," one needs to have seen the final season. Unfortunately, I bailed midway through that sophomore year. But note I said "fully," because "Final" can still make for a semi-tense viewing. It nicely wraps up loose ends, and kudos to the creative powers that be for giving it a brave ending.

"?Rod Lott

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