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Profitable pestilence



The Michael Bay-inspired hailstorm that hit Oklahoma City earlier this year does not seem to be an event that would inspire the singing of "Happy Days Are Here Again."

Some, however, look up at those clouds and, through the barrage of Volkswagen-sized hailstones raining down on the populace below, see the silver lining.

The city of Oklahoma City reports that, despite the current economic recession, sales tax collections have beaten projections, mostly because insurance money is coming in for home, roof and auto repairs, as well as other factors relating to the May 16 storm.

City Manager Jim Couch told the City Council at its Nov. 2 meeting that roughly two-thirds of the growth in sales tax receipts is because of the storm, although revenue still grew by 4.5 percent without the storm-boosted money.

That's great news for ol' OKC. Now, if only it could score a plague of locusts, three days of darkness, rivers of blood or any other combination of the remaining biblical plagues during this fiscal year, there may be enough money to erect a golden calf outside Stockyards City in an attempt to provoke further moneymaking wrathful vengeance from Pat Robertson.

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