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Proud to be a patriot



The fact that there are
organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, some stranger named
Mark Potok who doesn’t know us from Adam, keeping lists of people like
us, is the very reason that we have to stand up for our rights.

dictionary defines terrorism as the systematic use of terror,
especially as a means of coercion, and defines terror as violent or
destructive acts committed by groups to intimidate a population or
government into granting their demands. We are not using violence or

We are on a list because we believe the first
step to martial law is to take away our guns and our Second Amendment
rights by flooding the media with stories of mass shootings and
imploring people to see how “bad” guns are.

We are on a
list because we are on the right track, and putting our names on a list
and calling us terrorists is a means to draw negative attention to
people like us.

We are on a list because we believe
that it takes more people like Potok for the government to take away our
rights, and that is exactly what they are counting on. We are on a list
because it is our hope that we can band together to get the truth out,
so that one day, maybe we can have the combined strength and fortitude
to do something about it. We are on a list to scare us into not speaking
out, lest we be arrested for being a “terrorist.”

is using coercion here? Do you know that the Federal Reserve is a
privately held (non-government) organization? Would you be curious about
branches of the federal government purchasing large amounts of (mostly)
hollow-point ammo, which cannot be used in warfare under the Geneva

Find a doctor who will actually show you a
package insert from a vaccine, and you will read that they can, indeed,
cause side effects such as SIDS, autism and many others. Do you know how
many of our rights have already been taken away by laws like the
Patriot Act?

Those of us who believe that the Oklahoma
City bombing and 9/11 were inside jobs have actually taken the time to
research the facts before coming to our conclusions, instead of
listening to the propaganda that the government would have us believe.
If everyone would take the time to research the true facts, the
government would not have the ability to take away our rights, because
everyone would be asking questions, instead.

our right to bear arms has nothing to do with being militia-minded
terrorists. It means that if it comes down to it, we may have no choice
but to pick up our arms and protect our God-given rights. We hope and
pray that it doesn’t come down to that. In fact, nothing could make us
happier than to be wrong about everything!

—Megan Hodge, Oklahoma City

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