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Psych-rock Willowz bringing harder edge to shows



For better or worse, the garage-rock act The Willowz has been lumped in with the California psychedelic scene.

"I think it's heavily related to the way we look," said vocalist and guitarist Richie James Follin. "We do occasionally do drugs, but we're trying to make music we like to listen to and that's not boring for us to play on tour."

Due to the large amount of downtime involved with touring, Follin said he generally gets a lot of writing down, but rarely records.

"It doesn't really matter (when you write) " just when something inspires you, or extreme boredom," he said. "Being on tour, you can write all day, but when you want to turn it into something, you don't have your studio."

The boys will be bringing some extra recording gear with them on the road this time.

"We got a shitload of gear. We got two studios, hundreds of guitars, thousands of amps, trillions of "¦ we got a lot of shit," Follin said. "We're not worried about getting ripped off, though. We carry guns." "Charles Martin

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