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Psychics, fortune tellers say Oklahoma City not kindest environment



While it might not look like New York City, where palm-reading and fortune-telling window shops readily line the streets, Oklahoma City has a psychic community that's all its own, where readings are performed in the living rooms of modest metro homes. But what keeps it so hidden?

Adrian (who requested not to use her last name) has been doing psychic readings for more than 20 years. She said it's the looks, the whispers and the snickers from the close-minded that force her to keep her psychic work to herself.

"People are not accepting here in Oklahoma," she said. "If you want to call me names, at least give me a chance to tell you what I believe. Then, if you aren't satisfied with that, that's your prerogative."

Not only are the psychics careful about whom they tell, sometimes the clients hide the fact that they seek psychic counseling.

Tom McKeown has been visiting Eileen Hetherington for two years.

"If I talk to my friends about it, or even the people I've known for years who I find to be pretty liberal, I get that look," McKeown said.

Hetherington said there are a lot of people in Oklahoma who look for alternative ways of seeing their lives or working out their issues, but it hardly compares to the number of people who won't think twice about it.

"I think we have an environment here in Oklahoma, which is maybe a little bit more fear-based, and people are afraid to step outside of the box," she said. "Lauren Parajon


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