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Four years since its last "big" release, Puddle of Mudd tries to rival the success of "Come Clean," which sold more than three million copies in 2001. The band's last attempt, "Life on Display," failed miserably, to say the least. So what's different this time around? Drummer Greg Upchurch and guitarist Paul Phillips didn't stick around to find out.


Front man Wesley Scantlin collaborated with new guitarist Chrisitan Stone to write the lyrics to the first track, "Famous." The single topped the radio charts, but the catchy lyrics seem mysteriously similar to Nickelback's "Rockstar," complete with mentions of the Hollywood Hills and the Playboy Bunnies.


Despite the similarities, the other tracks on the record might have what it takes to bring Puddle of Mudd the recognition the boys have been craving. Emotional lyrics and blended rock and alternative chords combine in an album that could, once again, make the band famous.


 "?Lauren Parajon

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