When Tamara Smithee lost her dachshund to pancreatitis last October, the retired police officer decided to try improving the diets of her other rescue dogs — and every other canine she could.

From there, she and two friends launched Biscuit Eaters, which specializes in all things dog treats.

“My job grew to where I saw and went through too much,” Smithee explained. “Now I just want happy things, and these make me happy.”

She and co-founders Karen Smith and Berry Guess work to give pet owners throughout the state and nation a healthy option for their dogs. The company bakes, sells and delivers certified, all-natural, traditional dog biscuits, along with customizable bis- cuits for dogs with allergies or unique dietary needs.

Biscuit Eaters’ treats are non-breed specific and are free of preservatives, binders, chemicals or fillers, according to Guess. Smithee is currently in the process of creating a natural vative, but it is still in the testing stage.

In addition to Smithee’s own research, she consults Oklahoma City veterinarian Dr. Sam Nicolosi as well as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals website to get her recipes reviewed and approved.

The menu items range from fancy flavors like Bandit’s Biscotti for pickier pooches to more conventional
flavors like Daisy’s Liver Bones. All the treats are made-to-order and
delivered fresh within 12 to 24 hours of baking.

The company also makes doggie wedding or birthday cakes, as well as holiday-themed biscuits.

The three founders’ own dogs are taste-testers. Since the biscuits are made from human-grade ingredients, however, Smith added that “we’ve been known to bite a couple.”

Along the way, Biscuit Eaters has gained a substantial customer base through word of mouth.

“One of our customers said that the biscuits were like doggie crack,” Guess said.

“Consumers in America just impulse-buy. We want to get people away from that and actually read ... what the ingredients are and put the product back down — and pick up something else that is good for their dog.”

For more information, call 245- 2417 or visit

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