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Purcell liquor-store owner turns tables on would-be robber



Who says this still isn't the wild, wild West? When a man allegedly attempted to rob a Purcell liquor store recently, what did the owner do?


He threw back the F-bomb "¦ and then some.


Butch's Cork & Bottle owner Butch Kluth was minding his business on a late afternoon in the small town last week when a man walked in and demanded he turn over all the earnings in the register, The Norman Transcript reported.


Apparently, there was no Robert Redford to back up this Butch.


"F--- you," Kluth said he shot back, according to the story.


That must've caused some bewilderment.


"What do you mean, 'F--- you?' Give me all your money," the would-be robber fired back, the story reported.


Apparently before the store owner could offer any education on that matter, Kluth said the intruder reached into his pants as if he had a gun. So he whipped out his own Smith-Wesson 357, pointed it at the man and told him to get out, according to the Transcript.


So "¦ actions really do speak louder than words. After botching a grab for the weapon, the man ran out, Kluth said.


The 63-year-old entrepreneur followed the man to a Mustang (of the non-animal variety), firing a shot to hit the tire, according to the report. He missed, nailing the front fender, instead. (Maybe, Kid, he never shot a car before?)


No matter " police caught up with the driver and arrested him on a complaint of first-degree robbery. No word on if he had been en route to Bolivia. As for Kluth? He claimed to be unshaken.


"I was a little feared for my life, but "¦ I didn't think about it," he said, the Transcript reported. "Things like that happen."


Yeah, but don't you usually want to ride a bike afterward and sing "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head"?

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