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Purcell skateboarders get published



Three teenage boys on skateboards in Purcell had to grease a few palms " and shoes, and blacktop and sidewalks " to do it, but they managed to acquire some slick notoriety around the small town recently.


According to a recent story in The Purcell Register, the boys were caught on tape skateboarding around the McClain County Courthouse, when they apparently spied a large container near a defunct barbecue restaurant nearby.


Skating on over, the trio reportedly decided it would be cool to tip over the container, which contained grease from the aforesaid restaurant.


Crimanentlies! The grease slid down the alleyway behind the sheriff's department and, as luck would have it, near the offices of the Purcell Register. People coming and going tracked the grease into both establishments, which, according to reports, got their carpets slathered.


It helps not to piss off an establishment that uses ink by the barrel. The Register acquired images of the youths, published them on the front page, and word got around. Well, the kids turned themselves in after seeing their pictures in the paper.


"The boys told their parents and the parents brought them into the police department," Purcell Detective Mike Morrow said. "We have three confessions and my report will be turned over to Juvenile Services."


According to the story, an environmental cleanup company had to be called in. Price: $2,500, not including the carpet cleanup of the newspaper and the sheriff's office.


The video surveillance system had just been installed, according to the story.

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