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Purple Church - Woodsporn/Hayseed EPs



If that weren’t enough, Purple Church also saw fit to release a real-life cassette single (side A and side B, y’all) named “Hayseed” recently. This group of four dudes is rockin’ the DIY thing, much to my glee.

The music within “Woodsporn” is worthy of the excellent art. The group throws down some dark, distortion-heavy, reverb-washed rock jams that fans of local bands Depth & Current and Evangelicals would appreciate. Purple Church skews toward the (very) heavy end of psychedelia, employing a nearly shoegazeworthy amount of distortion, and even delving into some metal chugging and screaming on the opening track, “Snake Eater.”

In other places, the vocals take the form of a heavily reverb-laden speak/sing that adds an uncomfortable, eerie effect to the already jarring tracks. This is the type of music that rocks for the sake of rocking; it’s a live show waiting to happen.

“Hayseed” shows off two tunes with more emphasis on melody, bass and vocals, which make it my favorite of the pair of releases. Its title track dissolves into a forest of distortion and effects, while “Bounce” features a brutal breakdown and screamed vocals; the band still goes hard.

Download both EPs for free at, or buy them at Purple Church’s shows. —Stephen Carradini

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