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It’s much more than simply filling up rooms with furniture and hanging things on the walls. I mean, it does involve that, but the thought behind each piece is generally fraught with meaning.

Collectively, the pieces should work together to generate a statement or create a schematic sort of living, which tends to be what people call “home.”

Maybe you’ve just moved to Oklahoma City (and who could blame you? We’ve got a lot to offer). Maybe you’ve grown weary of your current duds and want to design and install a new feel for your living quarters.

Or maybe you just like to shop for pretty things.

No matter your motivation, OKC has some stellar options for the home.

If you crave contemporary or you’re aiming for the mid-century modern look, shop Dane Design Contemporary Furniture (101 N. Portland; 946-6200). Clean lines and rich colors, as well as 1960s-inspired tables, are aplenty here.

This place must be doing something right, because it has served the metro since 1983. The showroom highlights all its designs and offers textiles to customize selections.

New furniture designs will come in within the next eight weeks, so now is the perfect time to shop!

If your tastes lean toward traditional and classic, True North Living (7318 N. Western; 843-3900) might catch your eye with its solid wood pieces and custom upholstery work.

And True North Living pays attention to detail, because you also can get accessories like pillows, throws, lamps and other ideas for decorating your brand-new table.

Can’t make up your mind or blending two styles? Keep the peace and shop The Rink Gallery (3200 N. Rockwell; 787-7465).

Its name comes from the activity that used to go on under its roof: roller skating! Now it’s the biggest, most magical collection of things that any person could ever hope for.

You’ll find quirky and traditional and weird. From clothes to glassware to furniture, The Rink Gallery has a little bit of everything.

Take the time to shop around and surround yourself with pieces of furniture you love. It’s an investment in your attitude and something that will make you happy every day.

After all, you’re not just filling a room; you’re building a home. Let’s shop, OKC!

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