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OMG, you guys, did you feel the earth move under your feet last week? Did you feel the sky tumblin' down (tumblin' down)? We know. Us, too!

We don't know who it was in the state Legislature (we have our ideas), but someone has obviously ticked off a certain deity. We're not going to even name which deity, because we want to cover our bases in case he/she/it is still listening.

In the last year, Oklahoma has seen near-record snowfall, hail the size of baseballs, epic flooding, a Lady Gaga concert, tornadoes and now this. We cower before your might, almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster and/or Vishnu and/or God!

Luckily, the 4.3-magnitude trembler (others reported the quake at 4.7 or 5.1, although we are pretty sure it registered at 1,000.500) didn't go unnoticed by the metro's intrepid media, both social and traditional. Here's a sampling of quake headlines:

"Small to moderate quake rattles nerves" "
"Woman: My cats felt quake coming" "KOCO-TV
"An earthquake was felt by many Oklahoma residents yesterday. ICP show in Oklahoma yesterday. Coincidence?? Naw." "Twitter user Klass_A_Klown
"Earthquake livens state's day" "Tulsa World
"Edmond woman says she can predict earthquake activity" "KWTV
"Another earthquake in Oklahoma? Nope, it's just @RumbleTheBison! #ThunderUp" "Twitter user John_Roy
"Earthquake in Oklahoma"¦the earth is groaning for the manifestation of the sons & daughters of God!" "Twitter user agh22
"The Great Oklahoma Earthquake of 2010" "The Lost Ogle

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