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Quantum of Solace



A follow-up to 2006's "Casino Royale," the latest James Bond flick finds our intrepid agent adventurer mad as hell.

Still reeling from the death of his love, Vesper Lynd, 007 (Daniel Craig, "The Golden Compass," "The Invasion") is out for blood. The opening scene to "Quantum of Solace" has the revenge lust boiling over in Siena, Italy, as the other woman in Bond's life "? mother agent figure M (Judi Dench) "? is attacked by her turncoat bodyguard while the pair interrogates a captured member of Quantum, a shadowy association of evildoers.

Bond tracks Quantum's operations to Haiti where he is introduced to Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric, "Marie Antoinette," "Munich"), the powerful and creepy environmentalist leader of Greene Planet, a faux-philanthropy shell corporation disguising a South American land grab as an altruistic endeavor.

Greene is setting the stage to overthrow Bolivia by financially backing a military dictator planning a coup d'


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