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Reviewer's grade: B+

Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) is one of those annoying local TV personalities who gets the human interest stories but is too cute and perky to be trusted with anything important. She and her cameraman Scott (Steve Harris) are shooting a piece on the life of a fire fighter. She follows Jake (Jay Hernandez) and his partner around the firehouse hoping that a call will come in so she can inject some excitement into the story. A call comes in. An elderly lady in a small apartment hotel is wailing in her room but won't answer the door. When the firefighters and a pair of L.A. cops break into her apartment, they find her covered with blood and happy to see them only because they are walking meat pies.

Director John Erick Dowdle takes his time getting started. When hell breaks loose, it breaks loose at the gallop. These rabid-cannibal-zombies are quick and deadly. If you're looking for just the thing to get you into the Halloween mood, here it is. R

"?Doug Bentin


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