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Questionable Judgments



A June Government Accountability Office report revealed that people on the U.S.'s suspected-terrorist list tried to buy guns or explosives on at least 1,000 occasions in the last five years and were successful 90 percent of the time. One suspect managed to buy 50 pounds of explosives. Federal law treats the suspected-terrorist list as "no-fly" and "no-visa" but not "no-gun."

"Pop" is a 2 1/2-year-old Swedish kid whose "gender" is unknown to everyone, including Pop. "It" will be counseled that people do not have identical apparatus between their legs, but Pop's folks told the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet in June that they intend to ignore all cultural characteristics of "boys" and "girls" in raising Pop. To the parents, "gender" is a social construct, and Pop will someday decide which roles seem appropriate.

The normal way that the U.S. Bureau of Prisons transfers "low-risk" inmates between institutions is to buy them bus tickets and release them unescorted with an arrival deadline. In the last three years, reported the Las Vegas Sun in May, 90,000 inmates were transferred this way, and only about 180 absconded. Though supposedly carefully pre-screened for risk, one man still on the loose is Dwayne Fitzen, a gang-member/biker who was halfway through a 24-year sentence for cocaine-dealing. (Since the traveling inmates are never identified as prisoners, Greyhound is especially alarmed at the policy.)

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