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Questions raised



I want to thank you, and I think the citizens of Oklahoma owe you and the Oklahoma Gazette staff a debt of gratitude for Scott Cooper's "Probate debate" article of June 16, 2010. It raises questions concerning Oklahoma County's publicly elected officials probating the estate of an Oklahoma County citizen.

We live in such a self-indulgent society that not only too many people but many large corporations have apathy to the problems around them. My family does not seek financial gain from this problem. We want to see justice served. We want to see both of the estates of Vynomma Argo and William H. Argo probated fairly and accurately.

This is a complicated problem. Vynomma and my brother, William H. Argo, were married in 1965. They were both middle-aged and both had separate estates. They agreed to keep those estates separate. This seemed to work OK until around 1990. I think at this time, my brother first showed signs of Alzheimer's disease (diagnosed at the veterans' hospital). He died in October 2004. Vynomma died in June 2007.

Since my brother was a veteran of World War II, I would like for veterans' groups to help us in this investigation. His ship was sunk in the Battle of Okinawa. My brother also volunteered to be Santa Claus for Oklahoma City Mayors George Shirk and Patience Latting's Christmas parties for underprivileged kids.

"James H. Argo
Argo is the brother-in-law of the late Vynomma Argo.

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