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Radiohead - In Rainbows




No strangers to deconstructing rock, the members of Radiohead have done this consecutively on their lastthree albums. Thom Yorke's voice still serves as a siren at the end of the world on the band's latest release "In Rainbows."


Gone from his voice is the paranoia that permeated on "Kid A," which "In Rainbows" closely resembles. Instead, Yorke's voice cries out a cathartic realization that there's nothing more he can do to stop impending doom, so it's best to accept it and sing a sweet tune.


Yorke's voice is still melancholy, but it can be heard that he's not as damned depressed as he used to be, which is suggested throughout the album such as on the rocker "Bodysnatchers" and the dream pop of "Reckoner."


On "Faust Arp," Yorke asks that the listener to rise and shine despite that the song resembles a lullaby.


Pushing industry boundaries, the band is selling this album as a digital download on its Web site, where it can be purchased for whatever amount you're willing to pay.


 "?Bryan Mangieri

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