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Ragging on Reynolds



I was glad to see public credit being given to some of Oklahoma's social and political activists in Scott Cooper's "Ax grinders" cover story in the Jan. 6 Oklahoma Gazette.

I wonder about the characterization of their collective motives of the ax-grinding variety. Correcting social injustice has nothing to do with vindictiveness or evening out a grudge.
However, as the public record shows, GOPer Rep. Mike Reynolds is a sidekick of GOPer Rep. Sally Kern, both of whom have a chip on their shoulder, both of whom are interested, not in correcting injustice, but devoting shriveled hearts and small minds to imposing shallow points-of-view into civil law. They expect the rest of Oklahoma citizens to live reduced lives with stunted prospects according to superstitious precepts fostered by Reynolds and Kern.

"James Nimmo
Oklahoma City

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