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Rail talk a pipe dream



Regarding Ben Fenwick's article stating that downtown rail initiative in MAPS 3 can serve as future framework (Officials: Downtown rail initiative in MAPS 3 can serve as future framework):

This talk of light rail, streetcars with embedded rails, etc., is just another pipe dream to blend in with the subliminal message about Bricktown: It's a theme park for tourists, but there's no admission fee paid by them; we the taxpayers are picking up the tab. Mick Cornett says there were so many choices to make in devising MAPS 3, but notice how he's plugging the option that makes the most money for his golf buddies. As one who rides the OKC buses daily for nearly 17 years, I know what I'm talking about.

OKC needs a rubber-tired bus system that will insure flexibility for changing demographics and downtown construction. Case in point, just try coming downtown now that Lord Devon has started construction of his castle. OKC needs a bus system that runs frequent schedules at least until 11 p.m. weeknights and has a schedule for both days of the weekend and holidays.

A theme park commercial neighborhood, three convention centers (if MAPS 3 passes) and a basketball team do not make a city. The people who live in it day after day and pay the taxes make a city! Stop acting like chumps!

"James Nimmo, Oklahoma City

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