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Reactor reaction



First, he states nuclear plants in the U.S. “… are robust and designed to withstand significant natural disasters.” Isn’t that what the Japanese said as well? And aren’t those nuclear plants the same specs as U.S. plants? Plants that big business will not fund since the investments are so risky and the liability is so great?

I have a healthy fear of reassurance by the Republicans, chamber of commerce and big business. Ronald Reagan told us by taking out the food inspectors, business would keep up the high standards.

Now there are nearly weekly alerts about food-borne illnesses, which we never had when government inspectors were on-site and not employees of the companies they supposedly regulate.

Then there was the FEMA hurricane disaster. Remember “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job,” by yet another Republican president, who assured us that New Orleans was safe? How’d that work out for us?

There were the supposed inspections of oil platforms in the Gulf — also supposedly safe and robust. And then we had millions of barrels of oil spread for three months, thanks to Inhofe’s pet oil industry.

To paraphrase a likely Republican presidential candidate: “How’s that all working out for you?”

—Larry Stem
Oklahoma City

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