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Reba McEntire - Love Revival




Released just in time for Valentine's Day is a collection of songs from Reba sure to cure (or make worse) the love fever you have burning in your soul. The 10-song "Love Revival" album, released by the Okie-born queen of country, is an upbeat collection of mostly enjoyable pop-country numbers.


The opener and title track has the upbeat signature Reba sound, with piano, organ and brisk two-step drums. She slows it down with "Bad for My Own Good," which is bad and no good at all, and "You Must Really Love Me," which makes me wonder if Reba ever really did.


A duet with Vince Gill, "The Heart Won't Lie," is pretty and well-performed, with soaring vocals from both of them. The ballad has just enough cheesy, Eighties reverb-laden drum shots to make it a great addition to either a Sandra Bullock film or the karaoke stage at the Bethany Freedom Festival.


"Love Revival" won't rise affection from the dead, but it won't bury it, either. If you actually need a love revival, Reba might not be the preacher you require.


"?Joe Wertz

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