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[REC] 2



This time around, the film is told not from the viewpoint of Vidal's cameraman, but the SWAT team that goes in a few minutes after the first flick's events; their helmets are equipped with built-in cams, natch, and they've been given the order to "record everything."

While I had strong reservations that sticking with the same setting would result in the same ol' thing, this is not the same movie as before. OK, at first it may appear that way, but trust me: "[Rec] 2" is packing tricks up its well-armored, mythology-expanding sleeve.

About halfway in, the POV switches to a group of meddling teens who've infiltrated the building for kicks. Their paths eventually cross with the gung-ho shooters, building to a third act that's wonderfully unexpected as it delves head-on into the supernatural, rather than teasingly gnaw at its edges. It's a daring move by returning creators Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, but one that pays off in spades — or scares, rather.

Despite an ending that's predictable — not to mention a clear setup for another sequel — I found "[REC] 2" to be more enjoyable than its hermano mayor. It just shakes things up more. Prepare for a few good jolts. —Rod Lott


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