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'Recession-proof' and 'big league'



In the past, the editorial staff of The Oklahoman has proclaimed that Oklahoma City is "recession-proof" and "big league." If we are, indeed, recession proof, why are they eliminating 57 positions in their organization? Why wouldn't they just raise the price of the paper (again) and save these jobs?

But, on the bright side, Oklahoma City does appear to be gaining big league status. The Thunder made it to the playoffs, and Kevin Durant became the youngest player to ever win the scoring title. (He will probably hold that record until the NBA starts signing junior high talent, and that could be any day now.)  

To celebrate, they should retire Durant's jersey at next season's first home game. He could then become the youngest NBA player to have his jersey retired. For the rest of his career, they could just paint a number on his back.

Now that's big league!

"P. T. Henley
Oklahoma City

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