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Reclaiming liberty



This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue, but one of independence vs. dependence. Both political parties claim to have the high ground on advancing liberty, the left for social issues or the right for economic issues, but in truth, both parties use the language of liberty to advance their own power and our dependence.
George Washington, in his farewell address, warned us of our commitment to party identity and the pursuit of power. When we are willing to serve our own political interests over the greater good of liberty, we have lost what it means to be a free people.

I believe if we look to the heart of the matter, it is that we have surrendered too much of our lives, both social and economic, to political parties and governmental intervention; in essence, we have surrendered our own independence.

It is time for us to stop the infighting and look instead not to the halls of government for the answers, but to the halls of our homes, churches, schools and hearts. May we remain free and leave the legacy of liberty for our children.
—Phillip W. Smith, Yukon

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