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Rejects’ rebound



While we’ve since matured, the “Swing, Swing”-ing All-American Rejects have showed no sign of the same. Most recently, the world saw the band coasting on the success of their last big hit, 2009’s “Gives You Hell,” which spent four weeks at No. 1, despite being more obnoxious than a Kern family reunion. 

But the band’s press agency recently informed CFN that the Rejects are “shaking off the rust” in 2012 with their fourth album, “Kids in the Street,” which will be highlighted by the single, “Beekeeper’s Daughter.”

“If you really want to know what ‘Kids in the Street’ sounds like, it sounds like The All-American Rejects finally got their shit together and wrote a record that was going to keep them around,” said the band’s dreamy, albeit cocky, Tyson Ritter,
who writes, sings and plays bass. The Rejects have no local slots
slated on their tour, which begins Jan. 18 in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Whether or not the Rejects return to their home state, CFN has declared it time to “Move Along.”

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