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Report says Oklahoma River is 'impaired'



Who doesn't like a little fecal coliform in their water, eh?

As reported by The Associated Press, fecal coliform levels are a little high along the stretch of Oklahoma River that winds past OKC, making it rated as an "impaired" waterway.

Derek Smithee, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board's water quality division chief, said the bad doo-doo could come from dogs, geese or broken sewer lines. But, Smithee said the "impaired" rating isn't all that damaging, and the river is still fairly safe for swimming.

"It's probably more dangerous to drive to the Oklahoma River than to swim in the Oklahoma River," he said.

We're guessing that was welcome news for the Boathouse International Triathlon contestants that splashed into the water May 16 and 17 for a 1.5-kilometer swim. Plus, said Mike Knopp, executive director of Chesapeake Boathouse, which held the triathlon, those triathletes swim in the Hudson River in New York and the Potomac is Washington, D.C., so Oklahoma's river should seem downright pristine. 

"Ours just happens to be surprisingly clean under normal circumstances," he said.

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