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Republicans Not Economically Selfish



Although I wasn't wholeheartedly opposed to the MAPS 3 initiative, professor Keith Gaddie makes a couple of erroneous assumptions in his analysis (Commentary, "Back to the public space," Dec. 16, 2009, Oklahoma Gazette): Lower-income Republicans (or Republicans in general) are not economically selfish. It's more of a "we can't afford it" movement, during a period where everyone elsewhere seems to have gone crazy with spending money the country doesn't have.

I have yet to hear a genuinely plausible argument for the $280 million (it will probably be more like $400 million) for a new convention center. Liberals are historically much more accepting of the "throw money at it and hope it sticks" principle. People (both liberal and conservative) with more disposable income are more supportive of increases in sales taxes.

Voting against the proposal doesn't make you economically selfish. There are economically viable reasons not to raise taxes. Anyone who has researched this subject knows that the growth generated from lowering taxes (and the increased tax revenue) outweighs any benefit from raising them.
"Doug Rixmann

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