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Republicans to blame



the Republican/ religious/ extreme right not opposed every dime of
family planning, free contraceptives and sex education in their high
extremist zeal, this problem would be manageable, rather than the
long-suffering taxpayer being saddled with more costs. If the Keating,
Istook and Fallin loons representing the Heritage Foundation/ Catholic
Church/John Birchers used some common sense and prevention, and adopted a
few more of these poor, abused, mostly minority children into their
high-class, private-schooled lives, the long-suffering taxpayers would
not now be paying you and yours to solve a problem you can no longer

Of course,
Keating/Istook let the cat out of the bag. They (and the Heritage
Foundation) want more private prisons, and expensive private rehab, and
they need bodies to fill them, and taxpayers to pay for them, so this is
another win-win situation for the Republican toadies.

all these minority poor become a majority, the Republicans will be a
lonesome voice, howling in the wilderness, again — and I can’t wait.
This hypocritical “family values/ Christian/tea party” mania has gone on
for too long.

—Larry Stem, Oklahoma City

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