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Resident Evil: Degeneration



style="MARGIN: auto 0in">For its first few minutes, the CGI, straight-to-DVD movie quickly pulls you in to its post-apocalyptic plot with clips from various news stations reporting on the rage virus that's been loosed upon the population of Raccoon City. Over at the Havardville Airport, where a boorish, unpopular senator is spending the day, a plane suddenly crashes through the wall. When its passengers spill out amid the wreckage, we understand why: They're zombies. And so begins the chomping carnage, with heroine Claire Redfield leading the charge against the undead.

One thing "Degeneration" does right is not skimping on the gore. In fact, with the benefit of being animated "?  and, therefore, not "real" "? the flick may even be more unflinching than its live-action counterparts. Overall, the animation is fluid and looks good, with one incredibly notable exception: the people. They look odd, vacant, and are not helped by terrible voice work and dubbing.

Mostly, however, "Degeneration" degenerates into boredom. The Japanese production is competent, but never kick-ass; this shouldn't discourage them from trying again.

"?Rod Lott


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