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Respect the office



This is simply not the
case with regard to our federal debt situation or our economic situation
at the time that President Obama took office, and it does not hold now.
The long-term effects of 30 years of government deregulation of
economic markets; privatization of public services; de-investment in our
nation’s infrastructure; easing of tax burdens upon the wealthiest 1
percent of the population, and the maintenance of a constant state of
war in this country (standing professional armies, conflicts and
associated costs) have had, and will continue to have, long-term effects
that no single president — of whatever party affiliation — will be able
to adequately address.

I’ll ignore the rest of Brooks’ polemic, since they are essentially ad hominem arguments with no factual validity.

you agree with his policies or oppose them, President Obama is, at
least until next January, the president of the U.S. You do not have to
respect the man, but you must respect the office.

around straw-man arguments and ad hominem attacks as a cover for
disrespecting the office is itself disrespectful, and is all too easily
seen in these days of “Murdochracy,” in which “crackpot history and the
right to lie,” as Adam Ant called it, takes the place of actual civil
discourse in the public sphere.

—Glen Garcia, Edmond

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