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and shake our asses and put a smile on our face and flirt with pretty women.'" "Bleu Edmondson
3. "This is the darkest stuff you can manifest to balance that out, I need to look like a f---ing cupcake." "Emilie Autumn
4. "And that theme song with the synthesizers just f---ing blew my mind." "J.P. Hasson
5. "Some people read what I'm saying about this now and say, 'What a f---ing wanker.'" "David Bazan
6. "By the end of a tour, I'm so excited just to be home, but by the end of my time at home, I'm like, 'Get me the f--- out of here. I need to go on tour.'" "Jenn Wasner, Wye Oak
7. "If you try something different, they're like, 'Oh, I like their old way better.' F--- it, then." "Matt Pryor, The Get Up Kids
8. "Even now, we're finding stuff like, 'F---, that's better than a lot of stuff on the record. We should've done that.'" "Derek Fudesco, The Cave Singers
9. "It quickly transformed from being weird to just 'Let's get this f---ing thing made.'" "Bobby Long

10. "We're like, 'This song f---ing rocks. Let's rock it.'" "Ray Carlisle, Teenage Bottlerocket

6 Best Angry and/or Confused Responses We Received in This Year's Best of OKC Nominations, Just in the Category of "Best Local Thing That Would Give Sally Kern Nightmares"
1. "nothing. b/c SALLY KERN IS BEST."
2. "You just lost my respect, I took you seriously before this question"
3. "What an immature question " and here we thought you were trying to become a reputable local rag at last."
4. "Why can't this just be a nice little survey w/out politics????"
5. "this is a rude question!"
6. "Who is Sally Kern?" (16 votes)

4 Best Smart-Aleck Responses We Received in This Year's Best of OKC Nominations, Just in the Category of "Best Local Thing That Would Give Sally Kern Nightmares"
1. "a interracial gay couple with adopted haitian children buying property in her neighborhood"
2. "a mirror. ohhh, burn!"
3. "a haircut from supercuts"
4. "a conscience"

3 Best Local Theater Publicity Photos That Closely Resemble Recent Nightmares I've Had
1. "A Territorial Christmas Carol," Pollard Theatre
2. "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," Oklahoma Children's Theatre
3. "Children of Eden," Poteet Theatre

1 Best Baffling Subhead to Appear Anywhere in the Gazette

9 Best Lines from Our Food Articles That, Taken out of Context, Read Like Cheap Pornography
1. "Careful, the juice from the meat ... just may spurt out of your mouth."
2. "There are some places that automatically leave a good taste in your mouth, and that might not have anything to do with the food."
3. "Top off the cups with a dollop of stiffly whipped cream."
4. "We shared a seductive chocolate mud slide."
5. "(It) is an explosion of flavors in the mouth."
6. "The Burdeos is surprisingly viscous with a long, creamy finish."
7. "(The chef) keeps blowin' and goin'."
8. "You know guys " they love their beef."
9. "With your huggable pooch, how much you feed a dog is just as important as how much you put down your own throat."

12 Best Recent Lines of Inquiry from Oklahoma City Thunder Point Guard Russell Westbrook's Twitter Account
1. "Watsss up y'all?" "Aug. 9
2. "Watsss up yalll?" "Aug. 7
3. "wat y'all been up too?" "Aug. 5
4. "wat y'all doin?" "Aug. 4
5. "Watss up y'all?" "Aug. 2
6. "Watss up y'all" "July 31
7. "Watss up Portland ..!???" "July 29
8. "wat y'all on?" "July 28
9. "Wat y'all on peeps?" "July 25
10. "Watsss uppp y'all???" "July 22
11. "And have anybody been too the steak house called Switch!??" "July 20
12. "WAts Up???" "July 19

1 Photo We Never Got the Chance to Run ... Until Now
1. A goat tied to a fire hydrant

8 Best Lines from Some Out-there Letters to the Editor We're Not Printing

1. "I remember it all, with a smile on my face. So many angles---"
2. "When I sat up, I believe that I saw Randy Terrell, in a 350 or 450, big, white Ford?

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