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Retiring Oklahoma sheriff foils prison escape on last day



It should have been an easy day for Pittsburg County Sheriff Jerome "Snookie" Amaranto. It was his last day, after all, before Sheriff Snookie headed off to retirement.

But, what's a last day without apprehending a handcuffed, fleeing prisoner from the back of a speeding vehicle?

It all started, according to a story in the Tulsa World, when Deputy Mark Mitchell parked his patrol car with two prisoners inside by the Pittsburg County Jail " which happens to be across the way from the Jackie Brannon Correctional Center and state penitentiary in McAlester.  

One of the intrepid prisoners, 29-year-old Patrick Mambo, allegedly saw his golden opportunity and made a break for it, handcuffs and all ... except his path to freedom ran him right onto prison property.

Amaranto saw all this play out from his office window and decided to join in the chase. He hopped into the bed of a pickup being driven by one of his deputies and jumped, action hero-style, from the moving truck onto the fleeing prisoner. CFN's intern, Bucky, suggested the jump was commando-style, but that apparently means something else.

Amaranto, we should note, is 65, but told the World, "can still run." And jump, obviously.

Mambo, uninjured, was caught and ended up right back in the hoosegow, but his attempted escape route gave Amaranto a chuckle.

"When you run away from the jail, you don't run to prison," he said. "You get there quick enough."

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