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Usually, Troma can offend with simple scoops of sex and violence and gore; here, director/iconoclast Lloyd Kaufman realizes lesbian couplings can't serve as his ceiling, so the script includes bad-taste jokes related to James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Jerry Sandusky and Trayvon Martin. I'm not going to pretend I didn't laugh during the movie — just not at those punch lines.

Rest assured, the lesbian couplings remain, too, as Nuke 'Em High's rich girl (Catherine Corcoran) and the bitch girl (Asta Paredes) learn that blue is the warmest color, all while their classmates spew green goo from every orifice. Then it just ends mid-scene, paving the way for the forthcoming Volume 2. It's shameless for Kaufman to split his movie in half like that, but at least this way, the smaller-size dose works to its anarchic advantage.

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