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Rev. Blair reveals range, depth of knowledge



The Rev. Paul Blair's exceptional and excellente retort ("Counterpoint: Precedents justify SQ 755," Nov. 17, Gazette) reveals a range and depth of knowledge of Islam, Muhammad and the attached themes like few such articles published to date " in the Gazette or elsewhere. His summary would earn kudos from the premiere expert on the subject, Arabist Lewis Bernard: a Jew who is not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia, so he's had to study replicated sources in Turkey (though if he were to try today, he'd likely be barred from that Islamic "republic" of considerable negativity).

Saad Mohammed's Gazette Commentary ("Point: A guide for all mankind") is standard blather, blah-blah-blah and pabulum, with so many errors and half-truths that I was prepared to write a lengthy retort " until next spotting Blair's thorough and fact-filled response.

Gazette readers should ask themselves if they know the meaning of the difference between the revelations during Mecca residency, and later in Medina " if you didn't recognize the massive meaning of that sentence, especially if you're an Islamist apologist, then you need to shut up and learn something.

"Steve Finefrock

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