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Ride ’em, cowboy



Tell it to Dr. Thomas Lyle Wilson, a veterinarian in Pennsylvania.

On Jan. 19, he was in Tulsa entering a plea of “neigh” — er, make that “not guilty” — for allegedly having sex with a horse on Sept. 14, 2009, when he was a student at Oklahoma State University. He graduated with a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 2010.

Court testimony had it that a vet looking in on the barn via video feed saw Wilson, now age 28, engaged in an act of, well, horseplay. (In other words, having a “stable” relationship.) According to The Daily Mail, the vet approached Wilson, who reportedly said, “I’m glad you caught me. I need help.”

The story did not say, however, help with what. To cure his deviant behavior? A better angle? Vaseline? Fetching a garland of black-eyed Susans?

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