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Ridiculous 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' logic



It’s rather offensive for Marty to imply that those called “progressive” today are somehow associated with genocide, and I dare him to prove that’s on their agenda. What he considers Hitler’s “progress” is exactly what’s wrong with conservatives. In an attempt to berate liberals, they must tie them to history’s biggest mass murderer. That’s real classy!

It is a fact that liberals are moving toward a state of complete equality (as seen in landmark New York gay marriage decision), which is a far cry from the concentration camps and gas chambers utilized by the Nazis. Marty’s viewpoint spits on the dignity of every human being that liberals rally behind, as well as the entire Jewish community, with this comparison.

While it’s true that liberals are fond of referring to conservatives as fascists, it’s worth noting that the term is not used without evidentiary basis.

If I were to take the same liberties that Marty has taken in an attempt to castigate conservatives, I doubt that he would appreciate people pointing out the fact that the “R” in IRA stands for Republican. And the IRA (Irish Republican Army) is classified as a terrorist group, and therefore Republicans are terrorists! (Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it?) But that’s the same kind of half-assed, “Rocky and Bullwinkle” logic that Glenn Beck employs.

For the record, I don’t believe Republicans are terrorists; however, I do believe this kind of grandstanding has got to go!

Brandon Wertz
Oklahoma City

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