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'Righteous Behavior'



This letter regards the Scott Jones Commentary "The power of persuasion," published in the Feb. 10 Oklahoma Gazette, in which he reaffirms Roe v. Wade.

I would like to call his attention to another decision this esteemed body once made, Dred Scott. In Dred Scott, the court ruled that a runaway slave was still the property of his owner even if the slave had escaped to a free state. In my opinion, the Supreme Court is a political body subject to error, but I do not claim to be an expert in constitutional law.

As a layman living in a secular society, I really don't care if women choose to murder their own unborn babies or men choose to engage in certain behaviors because it is none of my business. However, I do believe that it is the business of a Christian minister to care about directing individuals toward righteous behavior. For some reason, the Rev. Jones has chosen not to do this.

"Martin Morelli
Oklahoma City

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