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Righteous Kill




"Righteous Kill" is a 500-pound boar with aspirations to be much smarter and sexier than the mountain of greasy bacon it obviously is.

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino co-star as Turk and Rooster, two longtime NYPD police detectives who have been partners since Carter was president. The pair seem to have almost no lives outside prowling the mean streets together, occasionally stopping off to do a rosary or two and light some candles.

Four years ago, Turk and Rooster planted evidence to put an acquitted child killer in the cooler. It was the one time they broke the sacred trust of their badges, and as it turns out, it was the beginning of the long goodbye.

One would think that a highly anticipated pairing like De Niro and Pacino would warrant finding the best script available. Unfortunately, the plot, dialogue and general thrust of "Righteous Kill" are nothing special. It starts off with a series of cop movie clich


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