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Brad Gregg

Chenoweth took to her Twitter account to announce how “saddened” she and her fellow GCBs were.

GCB, if you’ll recall, stood for Good Christian Bitches, the novel it was based on, but in some press interviews, Chenoweth, a Christian herself, said the initials stood for Good Christian Belles. (If that were the case, however, ABC would have no need to shorten the title.)

On Tulsa World’s article on GCB’s demise,
readers generally praised the swinging of the ax. Some of the more
notable comments, not all of which stuck to the topic, include:

—“On behalf of true Christians everywhere….Good!!”

—“I never watched it, never watched Glee, either. I also never watched Desperate Housewives, I watched one episode the first season and I thought it was stupid.”

—“I’d rather watch an old Seinfeld rerun, HGTV or the Food Network than some of the shows that many seem to enjoy.”

—“If she wore a bikini all the time it’d still be on…”

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