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RJD2 leaves samples behind for psych rock in OKC



RJD2 can't understand why people are so surprised that he's made the move from sample-heavy hip-hop to atmospheric psychedelic rock with his new album, "The Third Hand."
"In my mind, the two are inextricably intertwined " joined at the hip," RJD2 said. "The magical thing about hip-hop is when it's done right, you feel like you're being hypnotized. It's repetitious, but you don't want to stop listening. I really do feel psychedelic rock is trying to achieve the same thing."
RJD2 " née Ramble Jon Krohn " has worked innovators such as El-P and Massive Attack, and made a name for himself as a producer, mixer and DJ. For "The Third Hand," he put away the sampler and hired some musicians so he could tour with a full live band.
"(Sampling) was the only way I had of making music and I didn't like that," he said. "One of the first places I looked for samples is looking at psychedelic rock of the Sixties, so now I feel like I'm trying to make those records."
His live tour band is assembled from the "cream of the crop" of musicians in Columbus, Ohio. He's never toured with anything more than a tour manager, so the financial situation is entirely different this time around.
Although he's not even sure he'll make any money on the tour, RJD2 doesn't have any expectations for it, except one.
"I'm expecting to kill every night," he said. "Or at least a minimum of every other night." "Charles Martin

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