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Road Kill



Having now seen five of the eight films in the "Fangoria FrightFest" line, I can say unequivocally that "Road Kill" is my least favorite thus far.

First off, when will cinema's young people ever learn? You do not mess with truckers. They will put the hurt on you! Our four protagonists "? two guys, two girls, not a brain between them "? pay no heed to this well-known axiom, act like douches as they pass an 18-wheeler on the highway, and then express befuddled confusion when it responds by ramming them off the road.

Their car totaled, they find the rig to be empty, but that doesn't mean it's going to stop trying to hurt them. Nor is the vehicle their only problem. It's a day with an agenda packed solid with danger, yet they still find time to get it on.

"Duel," this is not. Dean Francis' horror effort is Australian, but his country did it better back in 1981 with Richard Franklin's "Road Games." Here, he borrows from good ol' American torture porn, but suspense is minimal, dead space abound, and thrills on empty. "?Rod Lott


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