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With Jackie Chan not as young as he used to be, his vehicles are relying less on action and more on comedy, yet still try to find a healthy balance between the two. "Robin-B-Hood" —? or "Bo bui gai wak" to those of you in Hong Kong — mostly fits the bill.

Directed by Jackie's frequent collaborator Benny Chan ("New Police Story," "Who Am I?"), the romp casts Jackie in typical good-guy mode as a cat burglar named Thongs. He and his partner, Octopus (Louis Koo, "The Legend of Zu"), are tricked into kidnapping a newborn baby, resulting in the expected jokes and situations involving poopy diapers and breast milk.

In America, such humor leans toward the lowest common denominator, but the Asians have a way of making it somewhat charming, as if they're oblivious the material has been mined and re-mined ad nauseam. Still, seeing a pained Chan try to hide a baby under its shirt as the tot tries to nurse him is funny.

What they have us beat on, of course, is inventive action —? sequences at which Chan and company excel. Here, you'll find a cool chase scene in a room where the floor is a trampoline. Even if it relies on wire work, the too-short sequence is a blast, as is a climactic pursuit at an empty amusement park, where Chan and the baby barely escape peril running on a roller coaster track.

The double-disc set includes several documentaries, interviews and a commentary track, but the best bonus feature of all is built within the film: the end-credit bloopers, of course. —?Rod Lott

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