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Rock act Deconstructing Jim combines two singers with three-part harmonies



Illinois rock band Deconstructing Jim has two sides:
" one that displays a knack for catchy, uplifting numbers to hum along to, and
" the other, which wants to pull the listener beneath, into the dangerous undertow.

Vocalist and guitarist Jeff Julian explained how the band operates as a unit despite having two singers and two songwriters: himself and bass player Matt Yeager. The results can be found on the band's latest release, "A Future Told by Swords."

"That's kind of the fun part of our band," he said. "I think Matt writes a little bit more of a poppier style, and some of my songs and lyrics are a little bit darker."

Julian said it's difficult to achieve the feat of writing lines that hint at mystery while at the same time giving enough information to hold the listener's attention, but his lyrics definitely give people something to chew on.

"You have to think about them," he said. "The entire meaning is not given away instantly when you hear it."

The band's sound has a Nineties flair with music that releases melodies like rushes of endorphins into the bloodstream. Julian said that he often has heard the band being compared to alt-rock bands from that era " a statement he welcomes, as many of Deconstructing Jim's influences come from underground bands like:
" Jawbreaker,
" Jawbox and
" Shiner.

"We definitely don't mind that comparison at all," he said. "Bryan Mangieri

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