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Rush Hour 3



Reviewer's grade: C

In a summer that has seen trilogies conclude for spider-bitten superheroes, Caribbean pirates, obese ogres and CIA assassins, the continuing adventures of Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) and Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) also come to a close with "Rush Hour 3."

This time out, the near-assassination of a Chinese ambassador sends them to Paris to snuff out Triad gangs at the urging of World Crime Commissioner Max Von Sydow. Expect Chan to do some kicking, Tucker to do some mugging, and director Brett Ratner to do as little as he can get away with.

Although several levels away from awful, neither actor nor crew member seems too interested in giving it his all. The preview audience lapped it up, laughing uproariously at lines like, "Black people can't fly!" but some may find the reliance on racial humor offensive. Me? I just find it lazy.  PG-13

"?Rod Lott 

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