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Sad legislature



On Feb. 15, the Oklahoma Senate voted against a measure that would have allowed grocery stores in Tulsa and Oklahoma counties to finally sell wine and high-point beer. Many big grocery chains and specialty stores like World Market and Costco won't come here because they can't sell wine and high-point beer.

How sad is it that our Legislature still treats us like children? Apparently, we are not responsible or adult enough to buy decent-tasting beer when and where we want.

I will never get a tattoo, and I do not often play the lottery, but neither of those things have been the demise of Oklahoma. Oklahomans participated in those activities, legal or not, and since legalization, we no longer have to take our tax revenues to other states.

As long as the current batch of antiquated, anti-freedom legislators stay in power, we will continue to stay deep in the Dark Ages. Let's make an effort to vote in people who will treat us like adults, believe spending our money here is good, and want to bring in those companies who actually want to employ our people.

"Glenn Bloom
Oklahoma City

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