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Sad sack



A civil lawsuit against a University of Oklahoma football fan accused of grabbing a Texas fan's junk was dropped Oct. 7, according to KFOR-TV.

CFN won't drop the ball on coverage of the 2007 incident at Henry Hudson's Pub that made nationwide news. According to The Associated Press, Texas fan Brian Christopher Thomas walked into the bar wearing a Longhorns T-shirt, eliciting football "trash talk" from OU fan Allen Beckett.

Thomas' original account stated that he decided to leave and went to pay his bar tab. However, according to the AP, Thomas said Beckett set upon him with would-be holding, allegedly grasping the Texas fan's testes so hard that he ripped the man's scrotum.

KFOR-TV reported that Thomas sought civil relief because he "experienced significant and lasting pain, as well as public embarrassment, humiliation and unwanted public attention," according to the court petition.
Initially, Beckett faced assault and battery charges, but those charges were dropped in 2008.

"It's just crazy that it's gotten this far," attorney Billy Bock told the station.

Bock described the set of circumstances as unfortunate.

"He did act in self-defense," Bock told KFOR-TV. "We've proven that to everyone who's looked at this thing."

CFN would prefer not to look at it, but we noticed that OU's student-run Oklahoma Daily newspaper recently referred to the state of Texas as the "scrotum of America" in a Red River week editorial. Coincidence?

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