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SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21):



A guy I barely know critiqued me at a party recently.

 "You haven't suffered enough to feel intense passion," he said. "Your life has been too happy, too easy."

I didn't want to get into a debate about whether my life has been too happy and easy, so in my reply I didn't mention my divorce or the time I was shot or the grueling poverty I endured for 18 years.

"So you're saying," I told him, "that suffering is the only way you can acquire passion? I don't agree. Have you ever raised a child? Have you ever been in love with someone who incited you to make radical changes in your life? Have you ever worked on a creation for many years and then submitted it to be judged by thousands of people? I have."

I'm letting you know about this, Sagittarius, because I predict you'll soon be offered an experience like those I named -- adventures that have the potential to build intense passion without requiring you to suffer.

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